Manifesto of Me

For this brief I was to invent a new political party with me running for Prime Minister. Ah, the stuff of dreams 🙂 I called the party ‘Me’ and focused on changing values in society by listening to the voice of the people and inspiring change from the ground up. The manifesto is aimed at first-time and young non-voters to try and encourage them to take an interest in politics and to take pride in their immediate environment. I created all the illustrations in black marker and coloured them in Photoshop using the brand’s colour scheme. The manifesto was then printed as a newspaper for ease of distribution and to keep costs down (with thanks to the wonderful Newspaper Club).


About arlakean

Freelance lighting technician, student of graphic design, model horse repairer, avid knitter, part-time lady and new blogger… there isn't a lot I don't do.
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