Vintage Finds

I realised I hadn’t blogged in a while, mainly because I haven’t had much motivation, inspiration or done anything vaguely creative in ages. I’ve been job hunting and that just seems to suck the life out of you. To be faced with constant rejection based on a generic application form is really rather soul destroying. I won’t let it beat me though, it’s only because the right job hasn’t come around yet and, when it does, it’ll be mine!

To try and kick-start my creative streak I went out wandering round the charity and antique shops. I managed to acquire a small haul of goodies, so looking forward to trying to make something from them.

I love little vintage brooches, they look awesome on my hand-knitted scarves and shawls so I couldn’t resist this little rose and brass coloured filigree one. The doilies were and awesome find and I got a good price on them as the dealer didn’t think he could sell them. I thought the embroidered cover was a book at first but when I lifted it, there were about 25 doilies inside–some hand-made and others machined. Not too sure what I’ll do with them all yet, but table runner or wristlets are currently ideas I’m toying with.


About arlakean

Freelance lighting technician, student of graphic design, model horse repairer, avid knitter, part-time lady and new blogger… there isn't a lot I don't do.
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