A New Challenge pt2

Well I managed to find a bit of time to continue working on my dress, I was hoping to finish it this week so I could wear it to my fiancé’s party on Friday but I’m not sure I’ll manage it.

Today I finished the bodice! I’m very impressed with myself. I now know what under stitching is and how to do it and I also learned how to slipstitch (probably quite badly).

IMG_1765 IMG_1766IMG_1767
So here is my effort at under stitching, not bad for a noob eh? The understitching is done around any openings and is supposed to anchor the lining so it doesn’t roll up and become visible over the main fabric when you wear your frock (Don’t I sound like a pro?). I actually have a dress from an expensive high street store which does this and I hate it. Now I know why it happens.

IMG_1768 IMG_1769
Look at my lovely basting! I didn’t know about that either, I can do a turkey but now I can do pleats. Strangely and subconsciously I seemed to know about tailor tacks and I used them when I cut out the pattern. I actually have no idea how I know about them but maybe I saw my mother do it or I remembered my school sewing lessons from 20 odd years ago. Note the seam ripper in the second pic, I’m not saying how many times it’s been used so far…

I tried the bodice on and it was a bit tight so I let out the back seam and that solved the problem but I didn’t realise it would cause more problems down the line.

IMG_1770 IMG_1771
It’s now time to tackle the waistband or midriff–as the pattern calls it. Because I widened the bodice I never thought that it would make my waistband, sorry, midriff, pieces too short. I guess my only solution is to recut those bits slightly longer as I assume they will need to meet at the back for putting the zip in. Just hoping I have enough fabric leftovers to cut more.

So that’s as far as I have got, it still seems a long way from being finished and I’m sure there will be more seam ripping and scratching of heads but I’m pleased with what I have done so far and the dress might actually be wearable at the end.


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