A New Challenge pt4

I never thought this would turn into a four parter! I actually hoped it would be all finished by now but not quite. I only have the hem left to do but think I need a capable pair of hands to help pin it i.e. not Alex.

Remember I had to make my waistband bigger? Well that created yet another knock on issue, the skirt section was now too narrow to fit the width of the waist. Thankfully I worked out an easy bodge… since it’s a circle skirt it gets wider as it goes down and I’m really short so it would have been too long anyway, all I did was attach the skirt to the waist at a lower point. I am an utter genius! OK it took about an hour to find the right place to pin it so the skirt met at the back with enough allowance left to do the zip.

IMG_1783 IMG_1784
Here’s my attempt at slipstitching the waistband to the skirt lining, I’m hoping it looks better after I press it and, since I don’t own a dressform, I invented a cunning way of holding the frock at the right height for me to sit and hand sew comfortably. Using two coathangers and my extensive design book collection I crafted this little arrangement. I love how this project is causing me to use some creative thinking too.

Next it was time to attempt the part I’ve been dreading since the start… the zip! I didn’t want to just slap it on the back and have the raw zip ribbon showing on the lining side but that’s how the patten was saying to do it. I tried in vain to find a tutorial which would show me how to put it in with the lining but I couldn’t find anything so “Bodge-It Kean” sprang into action again.

I could see in my head how I wanted the zip to be sandwiched in between the two fabrics so I pinned then basted it to the main fabric only and inserted the zip according to the pattern, the sewing machine instructions and several online videos i.e. just however it seemed to work best. I ignored the lining for now but it meant I had to unpick a fair bit around the waistband to allow enough space for the ribbon to slide in.

So here’s how it looks on the right side. Not too bad considering. I even surprised myself by not managing to catch the waist ties or get them the wrong side of the zip. Go me!

Then I pinned, basted and sewed the edge of the lining and then slipstitched it to the back of the zip ribbon. I’m so glad that I actually like hand sewing things. Lastly I put on a hook and eye at the top of the zip.

Here’s the frock now. Not bad eh? As I say, just got the hem to sort out and there is a bit of a gapping issue at the front where the bodice sections cross over. I reckon it’s a lack of boobage issue rather than the dress (or my pro sewing) being at fault. Not sure how to fix that but will have a think and I’m sure my bodge-it gene will kick in.


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