A New Challenge pt5

OK, it’s been a wee while since I actually managed to finish the dress but I’ve been rather remiss about blogging the final photos. At the end of the last part all I had left to do was the hem and sort out the front gaping that was going on. After a few failed efforts at measuring and pinning the hem on my makeshift dress form, I eventually enlisted the help of a great friend who used to work in the costume department of an opera company we worked for. What better credentials than that? My frock was now finally in the hands of a pro.

I was secretly quite worried about what Lily would make of my efforts but I was assured I had done a good job and that the pattern wasn’t actually that easy. So I’m even more chuffed with my achievements now 🙂

Many thanks to Lily for marking the hem out for me while I wore the frock. I then Made a really narrow hem using a very helpful YouTube video from BlogForBetterSewing which you can find here.

The result of my narrow hemming. 

I then used the line of the wonderfully even hem to mark the lining fabric and then repeated the process with that. The lining sits about 2cm higher than the main fabric so it’s not visible.

The last task was to sort out why the front was gapping so much and my Mother-in-Law-to-be (thanks Liz) suggested the shoulders were too long. Well, how right could she be, that was exactly the problem! Lily pulled them up about 3cm and that solved it. It did mean that I had to unpick my slipstitching and redo the shoulder seams which I didn’t get as neat second time around 😦 But it does mean my dress now fits properly!

Look how even that hem is!

I can’t believe I got there in the end with help from a few folks along the way all I need now is a warm enough day to wear the thing! I have now got some fabric to make a petticoat to match and I want to make a vintage apron too. I also bought a book which outlines all the basics (and not so basic) of dressmaking so I hope that helps me improve in future and I’m also thinking about doing an evening course too.

A bargain to boot!


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