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I decided to trawl through some of my old photos and I came across some pet portraits I had done. It’s something I quite enjoy but struggle to find the time. These were done on heavyweight paper using Derwent Studio coloured pencils. I don’t just do horses but I lost all the other images in the great hard drive crash of 2009 (now I have Time Machine).

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New Website

Well I finally managed to get over all the FTP issues and get my new website uploaded. I decided to use Adobe Muse and I found it quite intuitive. I don’t think web design will ever be my forte but at least this software made it a lot less scary. Check it out and let me know what you think.

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Pink and Green

You have to love the colours in nature. I took these two photos at the Botanic Gardens and I love the combination of the pale fluffy pink and the vibrant smooth green.

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Hanakotoba Revisited

To say thank you to the wonderful graphics staff at Cardonald College, I revisited one of my favourite projects from this year and redesigned as a calendar to present to them. It is inkjet printed on A3 rice paper and has been stab-bound around a bamboo stick.

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Manifesto of Me

For this brief I was to invent a new political party with me running for Prime Minister. Ah, the stuff of dreams 🙂 I called the party ‘Me’ and focused on changing values in society by listening to the voice of the people and inspiring change from the ground up. The manifesto is aimed at first-time and young non-voters to try and encourage them to take an interest in politics and to take pride in their immediate environment. I created all the illustrations in black marker and coloured them in Photoshop using the brand’s colour scheme. The manifesto was then printed as a newspaper for ease of distribution and to keep costs down (with thanks to the wonderful Newspaper Club).

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Expect the Unexpected

Almost 70% of the population die intestate so I created this campaign to encourage people to make a will. The concept is based around unexpected and unfortunate deaths to highlight the fact that you just don’t know how or where you will die. Cheery huh? The main focus of the campaign is a series of leaflets with each one featuring a different aspect of making your will.

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Strung Up

This was a fun project I did at the start of my degree year. We had to choose a word or phrase to illustrate in 3D. I took inspiration from my grandmother’s house which had a couple of “string art” pictures on the wall. Very retro. 

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